Version 1.6

Dynamically change your desktop wallpaper based on the current battery, time of day, weather conditions, wind speed, temperature, humidity, or heat index.

Minimum Requirements:

Chameleon is fairly light on resources while it's running. The minimum requirements are:

  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • CPU: x32/x64 >1GHz
  • RAM: 1GB


  • Before you use any of the weather options, click the 'Settings...' button in the top right corner and select the weather station you want to get weather data from. As of now, this only works with the US and Canada.
  • After clicking the 'run' icon on the bottom right, the window will minimize to the tray and start shifting through wallpapers as specified:

  • The release comes with a 4K default wallpaper for each setting. Because there are so many images, it might take about 1 minute on the first startup for the program to generate all of the thumbnails for the 100+ images in the Wallpapers folder. This will not be an issue on subsequent start ups.