Version 0.6

An ECMAScript 6 library for building rich user interfaces.


An easy to use JavaScript library that can create, modify, and style HTML through ECMAScript 6 classes. It is designed to be used in Electron apps.


Most of Tamarack is a collection of widgets that provide a wrapper around html elements, such as tkButton, which wraps around <button> or tkImage, which wraps around <img>. All of these widgets inherit from tkWidget, which provides them with basic functionality such as making the element full-screen or adding the widget to another widget. In addition, there are also composite widgets, such as tkNotebook and tkDialog, that represent multiple html elements in one single class, cutting down the need for massive amounts of boilerplate code for simple tasks.


Tamarack is designed for Electron, which is based on Chromium, so use a WebKit or Blink-based browser for best results. Internet Explorer will not work.

Color Dialog

See the Pen EOaJqj by Ian Martinez (@ianmartinez) on CodePen.

Progress Bars

See the Pen OaVLBd by Ian Martinez (@ianmartinez) on CodePen.


See the Pen mQJdwY by Ian Martinez (@ianmartinez) on CodePen.