This is very early in development and is still incomplete. All screenshots on this page are mockups.

A modern, lightweight Wayland compositor, inspired by earlier X11 window managers, such as IceWM and Fluxbox.

Written In: C++


LaikaWM has a small footprint and is able to run on devices with limited resources, like the Raspberry Pi, all the way up to full-fledged desktops.


It is highly customizable with different themes, which are sets of configuration files and SVG images that represent elements in the UI.

A single theme can have multiple variants deriving from the default variant, such as a light and a dark variant of the same theme.


All UI elements are vectors, so they appear sharp on any display.

Theme elements are stored as SVGs that are rasterized to PNG images to match the current screen's scaling.

Easy to use

Though it can be configured entirely through text files, LaikaWM also provides a built-in LaikaConfig program that allows you to change settings using only a GUI.

Features you expect

LaikaWM includes support for multiple desktops and window snapping to either side of the screen or any of the 4 corners.

Modern design

LaikaWM uses the latest C++ standard.


LaikaWM has built-in support for Meters, which are plugins that display dynamic content.